To whom it may concern,

You may have come to this site because has decided to forward their website to our address.  This site and domain name is owned by RH-Webs.NET who has not affiliation with  It is unclear as to why has decided to this this, but after hearing many of the stories we heard today, we recommend the following.

·         Contact your state’s Attorney General and file a complaint against the owners of

·         Contact the company who sold you related products and seek alternate solutions.

·         Contact your bank/credit card company for any purchases of related products and seek compensation regardless of the time between purchase and today’s date.

·         Contact your BBB and seek additional support.

·         Contact your local police department and the police department within the city/township listed on the contract for  Submit a police report.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have posed to your life and we wish to see a speedy resolution to your claims.  Should we discover the owners of this company, we will post all their information for you to contact directly to include phone numbers, e-mail address, addresses, and any other personal information we can obtain to help you in your time of need.